Candy Jar Media is committed to running its operations responsibly. Our focus areas are:



Staff regularly receive in-house training or coaching and are encouraged to attend relevant courses to expand their skillset.

Work experience:

We believe our volunteer staff should be treated exactly the same as paid workers. We recognise that it is becoming increasingly difficult for young people to get started in their career.

At Candy Jar Media we endeavour to provide them with the necessary skills for future employment. Some of these volunteers have progressed to full-time employment at the company.

Good Business Practice

Through open lines of communication we work closely with our authors from start to finish. For us, ‘after sales’ is about working with our new ‘friends’ long after job completion, ensuring a relationship of mutual trust and respect is continually maintained.

The Environment

We endeavour to recycle all waste produced by the company and save energy whenever possible.

Candy Jar Media only use suppliers committed to compliance with environmental legislation and relevant industry codes of practice.