Have an idea?

We are always on the lookout for good ideas. If you’ve got an idea for a TV programme, DVD, film or book please feel free to contact us. If we think it’s got mileage, we’ll invite you in for a cuppa and a chat.

Want to work for Candy Jar?

Currently, we have no vacancies at Candy Jar but any new posts will be advertised on this site (as well as on Facebook and Twitter).

Broadcast Professional

Have you worked in the broadcast industry? Are you keen to help an up and coming production company thrive in today’s challenging media landscape? If so, maybe there’s an opportunity to work alongside Candy Jar and help the company grow. Interested? Please get in touch!


While we don’t have any positions open at present, we’re always on the lookout for highly motivated individuals who relish a challenge. Roles would start on a commission-only basis, but could lead to a permanent role within the company.

Internships / Work Experience

We don’t have any positions at present but you are more than welcome to send us your details (via post) so that we can keep them on file.