Who do you work with?

Whether they are one man bands or large corporations, our clients all share one need: a high quality end product created by a team who are passionate about making the most out of any project. As such, we are happy to hear from anybody in need of top quality work, regardless of where they are based or the size of their organisation.

Do you accept every client?

We will not risk our reputation by developing websites or videos too quickly, or try to complete large-scale projects on an unrealistic budget. Exceeding a client’s expectations involves a great deal of work, and is impossible when we are placed under unreasonable strictures. However, we of course also appreciate that our clients have strict budgets and requirements; that’s why we like to discuss with our clients all potential projects in depth before requiring a commitments; that way, our potential customers can be sure that we are a good match before they commit themselves.


Candy Jar Media Pre-Production

How much will my project cost?

The price of any project ultimately depends on what is required. Every project that we take on is unique to the client and therefore will come with different costs. Our pricing is always based on your specific needs, which we will discuss in depth with you before providing you with a quote.

Will you provide content for my project?

We can certainly provide content for a customer’s project, although it’s generally not something we recommend. Our clients will know their business and their customers better than us, and as such will be best placed to decide the type of content they want. However, we will always provide comprehensive and honest feedback on their ideas before beginning practical work, providing fresh content where necessary, and refining and discussing ideas to ensure a high quality end product.

Do you do speculative work?


Are you hiring?

We are always looking for skilled individuals to help us progress as a growing business. If you think you have what it takes, get in touch. No agencies please.