Candy Jar Media is currently developing a number of ideas for television and film. In particular, we have an interest in children’s programmes, documentaries and short films.

As a multimedia publishing company, we feel particularly well-placed to take advantage of the advances in current communication technology, enabling content to be viewed on-demand via multiple platforms.

TV production can be a resource-intensive endeavour and so we are keen to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with like-minded companies.

Notable Productions

In 2013 Candy Jar Media was asked by Channel 5  to produce a series of short ‘stings’ to appear during ad breaks for the Channel 5 TV series The Bible.

Created by Phil Vischer, best known for producing VeggieTales, What’s in the Bible? set out to teach kids (and parents!) the story of the good book and featured witty dialogue, fast-paced animation and catchy tunes.  

The Candy Jar team interviewed children from local schools about their knowledge of the Bible, using their amusing and revealing responses to create the stings. Shooting in front of a green screen, we then replaced the background with a variety of different colours in post production.

Thanks to Albany Road School and Roath Primary School for allowing us to come in and film during the day.

Candy Jar Films is available for all kinds of filming work – big or small. Please get in touch to see how we can help you.